The 10 Worst Top Level Domains – Spam Operations (NamePros Daily)

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Today:  Pronounceable 4Ls, CVCV, VCVC .coms wanted! / .bet vs .casino / Is this an appraisal scam? / And more.

Here are the new threads that caught my eye:

Appraise EIEA . COM – What’s this one worth?

Pronounceable 4Ls, CVCV, VCVC .coms wanted! – Check your portfolio for one of these., Appraise premium domain – Any value in these?

Is this an appraisal scam? – Looks like one to me.

Which type of .GUIDE is most valuable? (Four Week Poll – Choose Any Two – Anyone following this market?

.bet vs .casino – Which is better?

The 10 Worst Top Level Domains (Spam Operations) – Interesting stats.

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