The Addiction Of Domain Investing

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Today:  To Mentor Or Not to Mentor, That is the Question / Hand Reg Strategies / Knights.TV Sold / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news.

Found expired domain, how do I buy it? – Is there a better way to get a dropped domain?

Are worthy buying? – Is anyone following this short domain niche that could provide statistics? – What kind of value do you think this domain has?

Hand Reg Strategies – When it comes to hand registering a domain not owned yet, do you have a special approach or strategy you use?

Knights.TV Sold – It’s nice to see that .tv domains are still selling strong.

To Mentor Or Not to Mentor, That is the Question – Do you mentor new domain investors? If so, do you require they already have knowledge before mentoring or do you mentor with no experience needed?

The Addiction Of Domain Investing – How did you get addicted?

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