The Ashes – Love it or Hate it?

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I am not a cricket fan, I prefer to watch football or as my friends in America say (Soccer) but Cricket is one of the worlds biggest sports and The Ashes dates back to 1882 – WOW! In Scotland we often refer to Cricket as Rounder’s a game we used to play in School, for some reason us Scot’s don’t seem to have the same love for the game of Cricket as our fellow nation of the UK, England does.

I am a sports fan and can watch most sports Football, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Golf but Cricket just isn’t for me I have tried but I just don’t enjoy it but hey that’s just my opinion. One thing that I always wanted to know however was…

Where does the term “The Ashes” come from?

Over 130 years ago “Ashes” was used for the first time at The Oval in England when Australia beat the UK on the 29th of August 1882. The following day the news paper at the time The Sporting Times had an article with a mock obituary of England Cricket defeated and stating that “The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. This is where term “Ashes” was first used then only a couple of weeks later English Cricket Team Captain left for Australia and vowed to return with “The Ashes” and at the same time Australian Cricket Team Captain vowed to defend “The Ashes”.

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The Ashes 2015 Starts Today Thursday the 16th of July and is on until Monday 20th of July in the UK – Played @ Lords in England. – You can get full coverage and commentary from BBC Sport just click this link to be redirected to the BBC Sport Cricket website.

The Ashes is sponsored by Investec and is also known as the Investec Ashes however most people will still refer to it as “The Ashes” – Get your Live Coverage of the 2015 Ashes from the BBC.

Quick The Ashes Poll – Do you Love It, Hate It or Don’t Care?

To all my Cricket Fans that read my stories on Robbie’s Blog – I hope your team does you proud… I have both friends who are Australian and friends who are English that love Cricket and I hope this is a great Ashes for you.

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