The Best Selling products from Shark Tank and their domain names

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I love Shark Tank and it’s UK version is called Dragons Den, there have been many millionaires made through their products and inventions on these shows but also many failures too that you don’t hear many people talk about.

I thought I would review the best selling products from Shark Tank and also their domain names, the list is below what do you think, every single one is using a Dot Com – Does that tell a story?

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Bombas – They operate on & also own

Scrub Daddy – They operate on

Squatty Potty – They operate on

Simply Fit Board – They operate on

The Original Comfy – They operate on

Tipsy Elves – They operate on

The Bouqs – They operate on

Sleep Styler – They operate on

Lovepop – They operate on

Cousins Maine Lobster – They operate on

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