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Rick Schwartz aka The Domain King has developed one of his prize assets

Rick has owned for many years and currently has it listed for sale at a nice fixed cost of $4,750,000 or $6,000 usd per month on a leased basis.

I think we would all agree that it’s a killer name and while some might consider it Adult or NSFW due its connotations it is actually in my eyes being used by Rick as the perfect example of a non adult site.

Rick has developed to do exactly that have a Bitch and Moan about Crystal Cruises.

The Domain King paid a kings ransom to hire an owners suite on a Crystal Cruises ship for an eye watering sum of $83,218.00 USD for a luxury 19 day European Cruise.

Like many others around the world Rick had his cruise cancelled due to the global pandemic.

His $4,000+ USD per night cruise was cancelled by Crystal Cruises, and appears Rick was offered two options a credit of 125% to use on a future trip with the company or a full refund.

Rick choose the refund back in April and still hasn’t received a cent back yet from crystal Cruises, this ultimately led him to create this powerful website using to highlight to the world his terrible experience. already received thousands of unique visitors to its site through direct type in traffic each month but now as it’s a developed site I would imagine that it will start to grow even more with organic traffic from SEO.

Rick has used domain development historically to get his messages out there see as a great example of Reverse Domain Name Hijackers, that will now feature for the rest of their lives on Hall Of Shame.

I am not sure if Crystal Cruises will remain on forever but I see a great business opportunity for Rick to develop it further and create a platform for people to BITCH!

It could be like but instead focus only on Complaints… Maybe Rick should acquire to complement regardless though Crystal Cruises and other travel and tour operators out there should be ashamed of their actions and ensure all refund requests are paid in full.

Here in the UK our government has had to step in to ensure refunds are paid as many were meant to do this within 14 days of being requested however used the pandemic as an excuse and like Crystal Cruises attempted to hold onto the hard earned cash of others.

I hope Rick gets his monies owed paid in due course and I would encourage others to keep fighting for what you are owed.

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