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CBS Sports has picked up on domain names noticing the domain name redirects to

According to the whois data – is owned by Coral Sands Holdings LLC / Todd Remmel. – His website redirects to

Founded in 2004, Ripsin ™ is a professional GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and web development company based in sunny South Florida. Ripsin ™ provides professional, innovative, and creative solutions powered by geospatial and web technologies. Our decade-plus of expertise with GIS and web technology has resulted in award-winning successes with respected clientele in government, public services, and commercial businesses.

Todd and his company appear to own a number of domain names looking through he has many more domain names and most appear to be related to his company’s business.

I don’t see anything wrong with what Todd has done and just shows that The Washington Redskins marketing department should have been smart enough to purchase the domain name years ago.

The Washington Redskins do own, &

Here is the article from CBS below.

Some enterprising Giants fan has taken it upon themselves to torment the division rival Redskins, one of the NFL’s worst teams in 2014. Specifically, they purchased the domain name and redirected it to

As if the Redskins don't have enough to worry about. (
As if the Redskins don’t have enough to worry about. (

Clearly, this is Robert Griffin III‘s fault.

In case you’re wondering,, and are all for sale. Your move, Dan Snyder.

* via reddit

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