Tom Brady wasn’t successful in getting

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I am sure many have read about the emails being published online about the Tom Brady Pool Cover and other topics one that naturally caught my eye was the domain name that Tom Brady wanted to own. This domain is currently owned by Wilfred Smith who appears to own several other domain names over 100 domains such as,,, &

It would appear Tom Brady wanted to own this domain name for his TB12 SPORTS THERAPY CENTER which uses the domain name

It appears that Tom Brady owns it is under domain privacy but the domain name redirects to his official Facebook Page.

The email exchange can be seen below where it appears he is told that the domain is NOT being squatted and they should try to purchase the domain name but don’t reveal who they are and try the age old technique of I need this domain name for a school project… Do end users not realise that Domain Names Investors know the value of their domain names and wont just sell them low for a school project…

Here is the email below that was exchanged in February 2015 about

Tom Brady Domain Name

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