Top Ten Tips on how not to be a Dick!

Most of us aren’t surprised to read about already hitting $100K on Flippa.

There Buy It Now price is $135K and to be fair that isn’t a bad price if they can keep the revenue model going having now over $200K in sales in their first month, Yes I know they will be lucky to keep the revenue probably at $20K a month in six months time but for a business that drop ships there is some nice cash to be earned and I’m sure this is a service that will be used for years.

Look at the Million Dollar Home Page – It still has traffic, Alexa rank of over 54K in the USA and how many years ago was that site built and then had crazy social media coverage.

There already are other sites that have popped up,, and also

The latter site I have quickly thrown up to see if you can actually make money shipping Boxes of Dicks to strangers?

You can read my Top Ten Tips on How Not To Be A Dick!

I haven’t really been one to try trend domaining and developing but I thought why not as the idea really makes me laugh and if I can a few extra bucks along the way what is there too lose!

As always I shall post up some results next month to show how easy building a basic website in WordPress and drop shipping items can be our investment $5 Fiverr Logo, $10 Domain Name & Hosting is already paid for, drop shipper sourced and time to build site less than 2 hours. – I would say total its cost me $50 in money and time lets see what it does in revenue next month once Google Ranks the site.

If any Domainers want to Send A Box Of Dicks to that someone special use coupon code – DOMAINING for 10% off!

We also picked up & just incase the social media side picks up… You can Like our FB Page and Follow Us on Twitter.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as

8 Comments on "Top Ten Tips on how not to be a Dick!"

  1. Where are you getting your supply of dicks ?

  2. Top bidder was fake…auction price back down to $10k

  3. rayking2 | 26/03/2015 at 11:19 | Reply

    It’s only at $19,000 on Flippa. Where did you get 100K?

    • The $100k bid was false it dropped back to 10k now @ 19k. See the comments on

  4. I tried the coupon code DOMAINING and I got the discount of more than 10% lol..

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