University of Central Arkansas Creative Consulting Course covers .Buzz and .Fun

University of Central Arkansas Creative Consulting Course covers .Buzz and .Fun

In a press release below Bill Doshier, president dotStrategy .Buzz and .Fun shall be running a course via the the university of central Arkansas, pretty interesting stuff for trying to kick start there new GTLDS.

The University of Central Arkansas (UCA)  second Creative Consulting Course  kicks off this fall semester. Bill Doshier, President of dotStrategy, a Conway,  Arkansas Internet development company, will instruct the unique course offering  participants a real-world experience around one of the most significant and  exciting changes to the Internet in recent years.

Later this year, new ‘right of the dot’ Internet Top Level Domains will be  launched beyond the current well-known .com, .net., .org, and .edu.  offerings.

“dotbuzz” (.BUZZ) and “dotfun” (.FUN), applied for by dotStrategy to the  Internet Corporation of Assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) are two of the new  generic Top Level Domains to be available for domain  name registrations.

Creative Consulting students will be instrumental in helping build the  success of .BUZZ and .FUN. Students spend a semester identifying problems and  innovating high impact business solutions and together, with dotStrategy  partners, collaborate  to design the product, branding and marketing strategies  to grow the number of domain name registrants using either the .BUZZ or .FUN  Domains.

Doshier explains why he’s especially excited regarding this second offering  of the course. “We continue to look outside the box for unique ways of marketing our applied for strings.  As you work through the process of this course, you  build a relationship with these students. It has this ‘help me, help you’, feel  to it.  We introduce them to a leading edge change coming to the Internet  naming  system that will affect them, they introduce us to the current leading  edge  ideas and thinking of their generation that will affect our product. These  young  adults are very sharp and creative!  Great results came out of our first  effort.  I expect even better ideas from this group.”

27 UCA juniors and seniors have signed up for the course starting this  Thursday, August 22nd.  Concentrating on a marketing plan to their peers,  participant’s strategies and ideas will be concepted, prototyped, and their  implementation monitored and tweaked as the .BUZZ and .FUN domain names and  services launch. The partnership between UCA and dotStrategy will enable  students to learn first-hand the technology, utility, and outreach power of new  Top Level Domains, and the business side of the Internet registry and registrar  experience. Additionally, industry education relating to trademark law, global   infrastructure and search engine optimization will be acquired.

About The UCA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program:

The I&E program at the University of Central Arkansas teaches students  how to develop and implement game-changing ideas. The program emphasizes  creativity, which is the ultimate business weapon and has become one of the  most  important business skills of the 21st century. Few business schools across  the  nation offer the courses and experiences necessary to develop the skills  and  abilities to perpetually innovative. The I&E program builds students’   abilities to identify problems and opportunities, and to develop and launch  innovative solutions, including products, services, and processes that have  impact.  Students will identify opportunities and then develop and launch  innovations, whether these are products, services, or processes. UCA I&E  students are change and innovation specialists who creatively solve  problems.  

About dotStrategy:

dotStrategy is a Conway, Arkansas Internet startup company founded by Bill  Doshier for the purpose of applying for the new Top Level Domains .BUZZ and  .FUN.  The mission and purpose of the new .BUZZ  and .FUN top level domains is  to provide registration space for domain registrants seeking to label their  Internet-based content as noteworthy, exciting and as to what’s current and  happening right now. .BUZZ and .FUN will appeal to groups related to blogging,  communications, journalism, advertising, and marketing and development.   Creating .buzz or  promoting .fun around a brand, product, service, news, event  or location is the goal of advertising and marketing professionals. Create  .buzz  or promote .fun and everyone is talking about you.

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