[WANTED] – LLLL.com needed! chips or no chips – Budget: $5k+

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Today:   Developing a domain into a lead generator / .photography domains / FansBet.com Sold for €16,000; Goyacht.com for $7,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

Please advise! I don’t understand!! – Has anyone encountered this type of buyer before? Or is it not legit?

Archaism.com – How much do you think this dictionary domain is worth?

The First Italian Domain Conference – Barletta Sept 30, 2016 – I may have to try and attend the next one. Nice recap.

Developing a domain into a lead generator – Do you have some tips or resources to help with a lead generation project like this one?

FansBet.com Sold for €16,000; Goyacht.com for $7,000 – Some recent domain names sales reports to get you motivated

.photography domains – Is anyone selling some of these yet or knows where to find some history?

[WANTED] – LLLL.com needed! chips or no chips- Budget: $5k+ – Be sure to check your portfolio for one of these.

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