Domain Names Owned by Web Magic Ventures LLC

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It’s Friday! The weekend is upon us and we have another list of outstanding domain names owned by, Today we feature Domain Names Owned by Web Magic Ventures LLC, Web Magic from what our Whois Research partner can provided us with over 500 domain names owned / currently registered to Web Magic Ventures LLC.

WebMagic has been a leading house of Internet innovation since 1994. From our portfolio of web sites which have received over a billion page views, to WebMagic Pro lines of commerce software and hardware solutions, to corporate services, we continually leverage cutting-edge technologies to give our ventures and our clients a competitive edge, visit to learn more.

We also covered a story about How was save in WIPO Case from 12 years ago, if you have five minutes this is worth a read too, this is a domain name that Web Magic still currently owns as you shall see when you view the list below.

Here are my Top 5 Domain Names Owned by Web Magic Ventures LLC


They have so many outstanding domain names, it really is hard to just choose 5 from the list below, what would you choose?

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Domain Names Owned by Web Magic Ventures LLC

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  1. Worth around 500k wholesale industry he current market.

    • Varying comments on Twitter others believe above $1m. I think for fast liquidation yes $500k it would be snapped up quickly.

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