What do you do when a buyer makes an offer based on what you paid?

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Today: How to sell a domain? / How about the .Li trend? / BestYummyRecipes.com Sold for $4,526; 677666.com for $4,138 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

fun.toys – This one looks promising. How much would you appraise it for?

UDRP Question – Anyone fluent in UDRP’s that could assist in this?

What are the 4L Dictionary word Domains you have? – Care to share the four letter dictionary words in your portfolio?

BestYummyRecipes.com Sold for $4,526; 677666.com for $4,138 – Some recent domain sales reports to help get you motivated.

How to sell a domain? – There’s lots of guides out there, but most are hard to follow or confusing for the beginner. Can someone break it down step by step in plain English?

How about the .Li trend? – Is anyone investing in the .li extension with some statistics they could share?

What do you do when a buyer makes an offer based on what you paid? – Not everyone encounters this obstacle, however it can be annoying. More and more buyers seem to be researching what domains sold for prior to them making an offer these days.

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