What Domain Names has Frank Schillings Name Administration Purchased

We often publish posts about what domain names that Frank Schilling’s Company Name Administration has Transferred Out and assume that they have been sold / leased. Today we came across several domain names that appear to have been purchased by Name Administration as the Name Servers and / or WhoIs Details have been updated.

What do you think of the domain names that Frank Schilling’s – Name Administration has purchased? Many of the domain names appear to be names that have been picked up from Domain Name Auction Houses such as NameJet.com or SnapNames.com etc.

Don’t Forget to view the posts about what Frank has been selling last month.

14th of August – 1 Domain Name


17th of August – 2 Domain Names


19th of August – 1 Domain Name


21st of August 2 Domain Names

Abigrams.org – The Dot Com is AVAILABLE… Frank owns the correct spelling AmbiGrams.com however the Dot Org Version of that domain name is Available (AmbiGrams.org)

22nd of August – 1 Domain Name


23rd of August 131 Domain Names

accesslock.com internettraffic.com
alltabs.com name-services.com
americanantique.com internettraffic.com
artistbrush.com name-services.com
assurancecompany.com name-services.com
australiacarrentals.com internettraffic.com
bargainaddict.com name-services.com
bestbistro.com name-services.com
bomboo.com internettraffic.com
bowbow.com name-services.com
cabbage.net worldnic.com
camerabug.com worldnic.com
carddeck.com name-services.com
cascia.com ascio.net
cashconcierge.com directnic.com
cashforyourtrash.com name-services.com
cepha.com worldnic.com
cheapvisa.com name-services.com
chuckie.net internettraffic.com
codethat.com name-services.com
currentlive.com register.com
cutecamgirls.com internettraffic.com
cybermotion.com worldnic.com
designerwatch.com worldnic.com
digitaltext.com worldnic.com
dobia.com internettraffic.com
drugsmuggler.com internettraffic.com
ejump.com name-services.com
epartitions.com smartname.com
epbu.com sedoparking.com
farminjuries.com worldnic.com
forgirlsonly.com name-services.com
freeonlinelotto.com internettraffic.com
gabbies.com internettraffic.com
gameconsole.net name-services.com
gamingvegas.com name-services.com
gardencountry.com worldnic.com
gedclass.com name-services.com
germanytrade.com parkingcrew.net
glassica.com worldnic.com
goldfirst.com ztomy.com
griptrack.com name-services.com
gurkha.net sedoparking.com
hauntedvegas.com name-services.com
hfou.com parkingcrew.net
homesexpictures.com hastydns.com
hpua.com parkingcrew.net
iemt.com parkingcrew.net
ilikeweed.com name-services.com
ircu.com voodoo.com
iwantmoresex.com name-services.com
jahr.net name-services.com
jokey.net name-services.com
kakoon.com worldnic.com
keepingtabs.com worldnic.com
kissmyfeet.com worldnic.com
ldgu.com parkingcrew.net
lgbo.com name-services.com
liftingbelt.com name-services.com
makingpasta.com internettraffic.com
masterwave.com name-services.com
maxthemes.com name-services.com
melting.net name-services.com
methaddict.com name-services.com
muchjoy.com worldnic.com
musicanalyzer.com whiteraptor.com
musiccaddy.com name-services.com
mysticfire.com worldnic.com
nannyhelp.com parkingcrew.net
napsule.com directnic.com
neuralscan.com fastpark.net
newskill.com ascio.net
nomaps.com worldnic.com
onlinedebt.com name-services.com
opama.com internettraffic.com
oslu.com name-services.com
outofthevault.com name-services.com
oxfordrealestate.com worldnic.com
ozve.com sedoparking.com
palaceinthesky.com directnic.com
pastconnect.com worldnic.com
paycounter.com name-services.com
penalrecords.com name-services.com
petcorral.com name-services.com
petretreat.com name-services.com
picturegifts.com name-services.com
pinkypussy.com internettraffic.com
piratecove.com worldnic.com
policealert.com name-services.com
probuilding.com name-services.com
registerca.com internettraffic.com
retrohouses.com whiteraptor.com
roadguide.com internettraffic.com
sexshikaye.com name.com
shepherds.net worldnic.com
sirloin.net worldnic.com
skydivin.com internettraffic.com
smartlink.net worldnic.com
spymasters.com register.com
stepha.com whiteraptor.com
stockbot.com worldnic.com
subventure.com parkingcrew.net
summerstyle.com register.com
swissbankaccount.com worldnic.com
teacherspot.com worldnic.com
techotrick.com name-services.com
teenbride.com name-services.com
textquiz.com internettraffic.com
theminutemen.com ztomy.com
tigershrimp.com worldnic.com
tradewear.com name-services.com
troopleader.com name-services.com
tubetag.com name-services.com
uafo.com internettraffic.com
ugno.com name-services.com
ulbe.com parkingcrew.net
ultimatemix.com internettraffic.com
uziz.com name-services.com
vegasgolfvacation.com buydomains.com
vetweb.com worldnic.com
victoriaferry.com worldnic.com
vintagepornmovies.com malkm.com
virtualshooter.com name-services.com
voicereminder.com name-services.com
webmasterguide.com name-services.com
websitereport.com internettraffic.com
whatsold.com worldnic.com
wholechef.com worldnic.com
wolfcloud.com name-services.com
ykta.com name-services.com
yrgo.com name-services.com

25th of August – 1 Domain Name

carpenterrealestate.com blank-nameserver.com

28th of August – 41 Domain Names.

bidrisk.com klczy.com
breakfastham.com ztomy.com
broadbeachranch.com uniregistry-dns.com
caitlan.com uniregistry-dns.com
caitlyn.com uniregistry-dns.com
choosey.com livedns.co.uk
cirkus.com hkmx.ch
dallaslumber.com ztomy.com
domainingreviews.com internettraffic.com
downloadsuche.com googledomains.com
duiassociates.com ztomy.com
erectiledysfunction.com internettraffic.com
firstbeta.com klczy.com
foambusters.com ztomy.com
funnymovieclips.com 15x.net
geohazard.net ztomy.com
hoodgear.com internettraffic.com
jesusiseverywhere.com ztomy.com
jetcollection.com klczy.com
keepmoredollars.com klczy.com
kidresort.com klczy.com
kirke.com name-services.com
kusine.com ztomy.com
liborloan.com ztomy.com
libormortgage.com ztomy.com
lumbar.net sedoparking.com
magicprofit.com ztomy.com
muslimgirl.com hostgator.com
myuniregistry.com uniregistry-dns.com
nicetux.com ztomy.com
nimby.com dnsmadeeasy.com
openingbid.com ztomy.com
rammart.com googledomains.com
scubaaccessories.com ztomy.com
serpie.com ztomy.com
spinclass.net ztomy.com
storecanada.com ztomy.com
streetwish.com ztomy.com
theuniregistry.com uniregistry-dns.com
yougrocery.com ztomy.com
yourclient.com ztomy.com

2nd of September 1 Domain Name




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  1. You’ve got buydomains.com listed as a purchase of his – pretty sure that’s not right.

    • Jeff, Where are you seeing that on the post?

      Are you referring to VegasGolfVacation.com that was transferred from BuyDomains.com Name Servers.

  2. I thought .com was dead like the AM dial,confused?

  3. Thanks. Very good info to study what FS has brought. Do you plan to work on other top domain investors too, such as Michael Berkens? What tool do you use to get this data?

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