What has Disney, Merck, Microsoft & Top Notch Domains – Registered Recently

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So how has your day been so far this Monday? The list below are recently monitored companies who have registered new domain names in the past month, a few of them will clearly be brand-related domain name registrations, however, a couple does leave me stumped into the meaning of these registrations, what do you think from the domains registered below?

Merck Registered






Top Notch Domains LLC Registered




RevisitUSA.com, RevisitUS.com, RevisitTheUSA.com, RevisitTheUS.com are available to register to click here…


The Walt Disney Company Registered 




TVatD.com is already registered at Epik under privacy but TVatWaltDisney.com & TVatDisney.com are both available but I would advise against as they are TM’s.


Microsoft Registered




Age3 is an interesting one… Anyone know why? The Dot Com & Dot Net are already taken but many others are still available to register like DOT OrgDOT Co etc…


How did I find out that all of the above had registered these domain names recently? I got a notification from WhoisXMLapi.com, I use their service to monitor domain name registrations, across a spectrum of companies and domain name investors, I would highly recommend using their services if you are wanting to learn what others are investing in right now, in the domain name industry or understand what major corporations are acquiring like Facebook, Walmart, Disney, Apple etc to see if you could acquire something that could be the next big product… (Excluding TMs) of course stay well away from them.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday everyone and I look forward to sharing more posts like these this year with the assistance of WhoisXMLapi.

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