What is the best way to sell domains?

Today: [BUYING] Drone(s) .coms / Latest End User Sales / EveryOption.com Sold for $15,250; Homify.ca for €10,000 / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my eye today:

3DPAK.COM – What kind of appraisal value does this one have?

Google Annual Meeting and XYZ Domains – Looks like Google has a meeting coming up soon. Will you be following this one?

feminism.co – Is this one worth much?

[BUYING] Drone(s) .coms – Be sure to check your portfolio for any drone domains. this buyer is ready to invest.

EveryOption.com Sold for $15,250; Homify.ca for €10,000… – Some recent sales reports to get you motivated today.

Latest End User Sales – Interesting list of sales.

What is the best way to sell domains? – Learn and share different strategies that you may or may not have tried yet.

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