What is the Value % of Non Dot Coms? Please leave a comment

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So I am in the process of buying a Two Word Dot Org domain name that I plan to develop out, the price I am paying imo is very cheap which is great for me as if all goes wrong I can always list the domain for sale and easily get my money back. I don’t believe that the development will go wrong as my recent sites have been doing great over the past 3 months with Traffic, Sales & Profit beating my expectations.

Why develop the Dot Org? Simple answer is the Dot Com & Dot Net are owned by Frank Schilling’s company Name Administration Inc and while I 100% would rather develop on the Dot Com domain name, I still believe there is profit to be made building out this Dot Org… Yes I did request a price on the Dot Com from Name Administration Inc and it came back at $125,000 US Dollars.

To be honest I think it’s probably a $75K domain name and I suspect we could have worked out a deal to own the dot com but at the price I can purchase the Dot Org it really isn’t worth considering at this time until we see how the traffic grows via SEO.

Now back to the original point of this post, As so many new GTLD’s have launched I am wondering what you feel would be a fair percentage value on your Dot Net, Dot Org, Dot CCTLD or Dot GTLD based on what the Dot Com is listed for sale or has sold for recently.

Again I know this will vary as not all Dot Com domains are sold at wholesale pricing with often end-user pricing much higher than what we would ever see in the secondary marketplace but say this Dot Org domain I have purchased is worth 10% or 5% of the Dot Com value which I believe to be $75K, that would make this Dot Org worth $7.5K or $3,750 It would be great to get a feel for what others are seeing in their portfolio.

Please leave a comment below on what you feel is the percentage value of your non Dot Com domains vs the Dot Com asking / sale price in your portfolio, Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

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  1. IMHO a reasonable range for a .org is 5-10% of the .com, but this range may vary due to, among other factors, how the keyword fits with the extension. So I think it’s basically a case-by-case valuation. 🙂

    • Thanks Andrea. Yes I do agree. In this case it is a first word keyword and second word is reviews.org. I think it fits well. Dot Org and Reviews.

  2. .org is worth .05% of .com
    yes, half a percent
    so don’t over pay for .org

    email the owner of .org and tell them…
    after doing my due diligence, i can only pay you half the amount i previously offered…
    if u do not accept my offer, i will have to go with my second choice, so let me know as soon as possible.

    i guarantee he will accept half the price…
    .org domains rarely get any offers…
    so if he’s smart he will accept half the price

    good luck!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I am pleased to say even at 0.5% I am still making profit at the current price I am paying however I do appreciate the feedback.

  3. I’ve sold dozens of .org domains, some for up to five figures. Not sure what is the ceiling in .org sales – there’s an $151k sale of Sexe.org in 2008 – but for the most part, going for a percentage of the .com isn’t the right approach IMO. Many keywords are more appropriate for a .org vs. a .com, so while the matching .com is parked/for sale, the .org is a live site.

    • Thanks Acro,

      I know what you mean some work better with Dot Org – This name that I have purchased works well on both the Dot Com & Dot Org IMO… However time will tell…

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