Whats your favourite Domain Name Forum?

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Whats your favourite Domain Name Forum?

I am interested to know from my readers what is your favourite Domain Name Forum and Why? The two most popular domain name forums are DNForum.com founded by Domainer Adam Dicker and NamePros.com currently owned by Matt Wegrzyn founder of Domain Parking Company Bodis.com 

However there are number of other Domain Name Forums and while most domainers have a presence on several domain name forums I would like to find out whats your favourite domain name forum and why?

Some of the more popular Domain Name Forum choices are below, Please leave a comment letting us know what is your favourite domain name forum and why?















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Robbie Ferguson is an Internet Entrepreneur, Domain Investor, Domain Broker, Blogger and founder of various websites and eCommerce businesses such as ScreenProtectors.co.uk

13 Comments on "Whats your favourite Domain Name Forum?"

  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t add DomainBoardroom.com to the list. But that’s OK – the members already know which forum is the best….. 😉

    • @bob,

      I am big fan of Domain Boardroom but as it’s more of a private domain forum vs one used by everyday domainers that’s why I left it out but you can add that in the other section of the vote.

  2. #1 = DnForum.com
    #2 = IDNForums.com

  3. First choice would be DomainBoardroom.com because of the signal to noise ratio and the level of professionalism. Next would be DNF because it has the most active “for sale” section. I rarely visit NamePros any more.

  4. @Michael .. You’re claim got me curious, so I totaled the number of posts (indicating activity) on both DNF & NamePros domain specific marketplace forums. (I didn’t count any non-domain sales forums within those 2 communities). And the results were a bit different than your claim. Though I would assume it’s because you haven’t been to NamePros in a while so you didn’t know that things have changed over the last couple years.

    At any rate, the results with JUST domain sales specific forum activity (posts) in the 2 marketplaces were: DNF = 798,935 ::: And ::: NamePros = 1,285,739

    The above calculations were made at 1:56 pm cdt on Oct. 26th, 2013.

  5. I prefer NamePros over DNForum. DNForum charges you an annual membership fee and I have found nothing there that you can’t get at NamePros for free. I don’t visit any of the other forums you mentioned.

  6. Always DNforum. With membership fee, it filters “smarta$$ m0r0ns” that can’t afford few bucks fee.
    Also I’m ignoring corrupt Namepros. I’ve submitted huge thread (7 screencapture videos, dozens of screenshots, e-mail communication where Monte Cahn admits he won’t pay me my aff. commission and that all I can do is go f*ck myself, all made during 2 weeks providing bulletproof evidence how Monte and Jeff shaves 7000 Snapnames and Moniker affiliates. I’ve send link to Monte and within minutes, I was banned at NAMEPROS and all my posts were deleted.

    Same happened with new NAMEPROS account when I’ve put some decent evidence about how I wanted to handreg 2 available TYPO domains with skyrocketing traffic of parent websites, and after registration attempt, GoDaddy wrote it’s taken, parked on GoDaddy NS, on phony name with half year antidated reg. date. NS were updated worldwide in 1-3 hours later proving it was fresh change on those domains.

  7. @Shuwix – Judging by some of the names you mentioned, the original incident happened several years ago. As those people haven’t been staff members at NamePros in a long time. As for you saying you created a duplicate account to get around your previous banned account and upset it was closed. It’s a standard policy & part of our TOS that each member may only poses 1 account.

    If you would like me to look into your case, please login with your Original account and start a thread in the accounts closed forum. I am more than happy to review your case to see what happened back then.

    Please note that I will be researching all the evidence from both sides of the situation that happened back then once you create an account review thread. Furthermore, Namepros has changed a lot in the last several years, with many more changes coming in the future.

    I look forward to assisting you with your account review,

    Eric Lyon

  8. @Robbie just curious, when does this poll close?

  9. 100% NamePros. Much friendlier, more diversity, more engaged users in threads, and the site loads faster.

    Btw, DNF was not founded by Adam. Adam purchased DNForum.

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