Who Bought Them? – 5 x Recently Acquired Domain Names

Recent Domain Name Acquisitions
Whois XML Api

Some more recent domain name sales, courtesy of NameBio.com, and thought I would share these updates where the Whois has been reflected with the new owner, courtesy of WhoisXMLApi.com that has the perfect BULK Whois Tool.

These 5 x Domains were acquired for $9,747 USD by Economic Solutions Slovakia, GEC Group, Vinod Ramani, Nebraska Furniture Mart & GO FRUSELVA

z93.com – Acquired on DropCatch.com for $2,656 USD by Economic Solutions Slovakia

energyclaims.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,115 USD by GEC Group

thelifestyleconcierge.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,000 USD by Vinod Ramani

surfaceinnovations.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,688 USD by Nebraska Furniture Mart

frutalis.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,288 USD by GO FRUSELVA

Would you register this .IO domain name?

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