Why People Space o u t Their Domain In Marketplaces

Today:   Do End Users Lie? / Does EMD help SEO? / Crypto Currency Discussion and Showcase / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news that caught my eye today.

GZ.LINK – Is there any value in 2 letter .link domains yet?

Where can I find domain registry stats? – Does anyone know where to look?

Please appraise PPCSEO(dot)com – What kind of value would you put on this one?

Does EMD help SEO? – What are your thoughts on this? Do people still buy EMD’s for seo campaigns or are they outdated now?

Do End Users Lie? – This is a double edged sword I think. I don’t think most legitimate end users lie about why they need the domain. I think it’s probably resellers or end users that have experience in reselling that may bend the truth for a better deal.

Crypto Currency Discussion and Showcase – Do you have a favorite digital currency?

Why People Space o u t Their Domain In Marketplaces – Does this really help prevent indexing in search engines?

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