Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Baby Willa domain name protection?

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Morning Everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday, yesterday I noticed on Twitter trending that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner gave birth to there first child name Willa, being a 100% honest I had no idea they were even dating never mind having a baby together, Turns out they got married last year too.

Like many domain name investors I automatically went to check the whois for the domain names & both domain names were registered at GoDaddy on the 12th of June 2020, hoping the parents registered the domain name or if another matching person name Willa owned them.

The domain names are both under whois privacy so we can’t confirm who acquired / purchased the domain names & but as they were registered nearly one month before the birth, I would expect that either Joe Jonas / Sophie Turner registered themselves or someone close to the family / management team.

I hope the family managed to secure the domain names, I personally registered the domain names of my children and I hope in the future it will be of a benefit to them.

Congratulations to both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and welcome to the world Willa – The domain name is also registered at GoDaddy, however this was registered back in 1996 and forwards to

Image from TMZ / Getty Composite is registered at and forwards to a band that Joe Jonas used to be a member, is registered at Epik and forwards to a dropcatch page for the domain name


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