Would this help against buying stolen domains? (NamePros Daily)

Whois XML Api

Today: [BUYING] Seeking IOT+Keyword / What are the chances for winning UDRP? / FDP.com Sold for $50,250; Drunk.com for $20,000 / And more.

Here are the new NamePros.com threads that caught my eye:

VR+LL.com and/or LL+VR.com names wanted. – Anyone have some of these?

BritonList.com Please Appraise – How much is this one worth?

CCC. COM/NET/ORG/INFO – Anyone checking to see if 3 Characters are gone in all those?

Seeking IOT+Keyword domains – Check your portfolio for one of these.

FDP.com Sold for $50,250; Drunk.com for $20,000… – Some recent domain sales reports.

What are the chances for winning UDRP? – What do you think?

Would this help with buying stolen domains, not sure? – Thoughts?

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