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Most of my friends and readers know I have been very busy travelling with my day job for the past 18 months, I’m still developing and brokering domains but I haven’t had much time to write unique articles for RobbiesBlog.com – The Namepros Daily still draws several hundred visitors each day and I am pleased that everyone seems to enjoy it.

What I am proposing is something that I am not sure has ever been done before in our industry.

Write for RobbiesBlog.com in return for Adsense / Affiliate revenue.

Every post that you create, I would be happy for your Adsense Code or Affiliate Links to feature in your article – I won’t post any links in your articles so any revenue earned is 100% yours and paid via your own Google Adsense account or affiliate program.

What do I hope to gain from this?

More Unique content for my blog but also our industry, I know a lot of domainers would like to blog but either don’t have time to write frequently or wonder if they can make money from it?

Well here is your opportunity, write as frequently or infrequently as you want on RobbiesBlog.com and earn the revenue from any Adsense or affiliate links you post into the articles.

If you want to write about Non Domain related projects you can do that too. We just won’t feature them in the Domaining.com feed but you can still have them hosted on RobbiesBlog.com

I am not wanting to build a spam farm of junk posts just made for Adsense but if you are genuinely wanting to write blog posts or articles about a topic then I am happy to host this as your platform.

Why not use our site as a test bed for your writing / content to see if it will rank and generate revenue?

If you are interested then please email me and we can discuss this in more detail my email address is Ferguson (DOT) Group (AT) AOL.co.uk

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