Yandex launches Metrica without owning the DOT COM

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Yandex launches Metrica without owning the DOT COM

Looks like Frank Schilling and his company Name Administration Inc could be in for another payday, Yandex the leading search engine in Russia has launched a new analytics system for APP developers named Metrica – Currently the site is hosted on sub domain, Legendary domain name investor Frank Schilling the founder of  Domain Name Sales,  which is currently one of the leading domain name sales and brokerage platforms used by domain name investors owns the domain name – was created back in the year 2000 and is a generic term. I hope Frank secures a sale for this domain name and it shows you that if you buy a good generic domain name you can never know who might need it one day…

Yandex certainly has the cash commanding 61% of Russia’s search engine market brought them advertising revenue of $281 million dollars in Quarter 2 of this year and that was up 35% on the year before so they are a growing cash generating business making profit, however they launched a new cloud system this month also to rival another Google service and strangely named it Cocaine – They don’t own the domain name it is registered to someone in California but is listed for sale at

At the time of writing was already registered but, & were all available for registration, however I wouldn’t advise anyone to register these domain names today on the back of my post – Yandex has taken on many companies and individuals via WIPO and won.

Yandex is looking to grow further market share both within Russia but also out with and launching an analytics service to battle with Google Inc. shall certainly help them expand out with Russia, Google however isn’t there only competition in the APP market for Analytics they face competition from Flurry who own and AppAnnie who own

You can read more about Yandex and the launch of Metrica here.

What are your thoughts?

Should Yandex purchase

Why hasn’t Yandex purchased the available to register domain names?

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