eDrink.com hits the market for $25K – Shall you acquire it?

Energy Drinks
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eDrink.com could have many acronyms, however, the one I believe has the most suited is “Energy” i.e eDrink.com, Energy Drink…

The owner of eDrink.com is asking only $25,000 USD for this domain name which has been registered since 1998, are you interested in acquiring it?

EnergyDrink.com has been registered since 2000 and is currently parked at Uniregistry with a minimum offer of $100,000 USD…

Energy Drinks

Could you buy eDrink.com and flip it to some of the established brands possibly such as Monster, Bang Energy, RedBull, or a number of the upcoming energy drinks that appear to launch every few months with solid marketing budgets, eDrink.com would be a great domain for them own.

You can see the plural EnergyDrinks.com has been bought by one end user already… So this could be another option for people wanting to get in the market.

If you want to reach out to the buyer, I can connect you to them just drop me an email…



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