Finding the sweet spot to sell to End Users – What’s yours?

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I have been carrying out more research on what price trends are domains typically selling to End Users, now while I can’t guarantee all the domains I have been reviewing have been acquired by End Users, most will have from the marketplaces I reviewed Afternic, BuyDomains, Sedo etc – I would say in my estimate a high proportion of sales on these platforms are typical to end-users.

Now we all are holding out for a nice ROI on our domain name investments and many domain name sales are never recorded publicly so we cant say with 100% confidence but for the average end-user, I believe a price to sell your domain assuming its not a premium name i.e., etc but an everyday name like,, etc. The price to sell your domain name is between $2,200 – $5,000 USD Dollars.

A lot of companies are getting online today and understanding more how they can sell and start to publicise themselves without having a brick and mortar store open, we should see stronger domain name inquires and we have already heard from some brokers, that volumes are up… Now most end users have no clue when it comes to domain names and valuations, If they see you have listed – for $100,000 USD – Chances are they don’t have that capital… however if they see the domain listed for $2,500 USD it’s affordable and can probably be purchased on a credit card.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of domain names that will be sold sub $1,000 to end-users and a lot could be sold above $5,000 USD but if you were to price your whole portfolio right now and you didn’t have any standout gems but just general domain names, hoping to create some cash flow and sell quicker to an end-user that visit your domain name today and can see a Buy It Now price on your domain name, I would position it between $2,200 – $5,000 USD – Do you agree?

What’s the average price you have been selling your domain names to end-users, let’s discuss in the comments share your sales where you aren’t restricted to an NDA.

Let’s help each other out and understand how we can all create more liquidity in the domain name market by selling more volume to End Users, don’t forget if you want to sell your domain name to other domain name investors there other marketplaces to such as Name Liquidate by

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